domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Caramel-Filled Brownies (PPQ)

This is this week's Project Pastry Queen recipe, chosen by Beth, from The powdered Plum.

I couldn't wait to make this recipe, I really couldn't. Once I saw it was this week's project, I went straight to the supermarket, and the very next night was trying them and enjoying probably the best brownie I've ever made in my life.

I love it, it's easy, a bit pricey compared to other brownies recipes, but sooo good it is definitely worth it! 

The only change I made was the macadamia nuts, wich I used instead of the pecans (harder to get and more expensive here). The cruhchiness of toasted pecans must be delicious in this recipe, but the flavor of the macadamia blendend very well with the caramel.

I posted it in spanish since thursday, but I hadn't gotten around to writing the english post, so I'm sorry for being a little late, and thanks to Beth for choosing this wonderful brownies that ere a hit in my office! =D

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Agatha dijo...

Oh! Los hago este fin de semana! DE FIJO... Luego ya te diré si me quedaron tan ricos como se ven acá

guipipia dijo...

Son un sabooooor! Fijo quedan deliciosos, suerte!

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